Employer Support

We draw on the expertise and knowledge of our team to maximise the number of employers and successful placements in your Scheme. Our team have many years’ experience working in Welfare to Work, with Jobcentre Plus and in private Recruitment Agencies.

We have two key objectives for our Employer Support service:


Help you reach more of your target businesses to grow the network for your Scheme and your wider business objectives.


Ensure your customers receive a professional and knowledgeable service helping to enhance your brand and reputation.

Employer Support in action

We deliver an outbound and inbound business engagement service on your behalf. Increasing the number and quality of Kickstart vacancies into your Scheme.

We provide comprehensive support to employers throughout the Scheme lifecycle, including job creation, scheme rules, grant payment, recruitment, JCP liaison and employee relations.

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Designed around your organisation

Our Employer Support service can be customised to your exact needs. You can take this service as a standalone product or you can build into a package of support along with our Kickstart Setup, Gateway Service and/or Wraparound Support.

Joining the Lab community

Along with our products you’ll join as a member of our Kickstart Lab community giving you exclusive access to our Kickstart forum and regular learning events.